Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I Feel....................??????

Has anyone ever asked you how you are and you honestly can't answer? Well that is how I feel. I mean I am not in a terrible mood, I'm not especially sad, I'm not in a great mood I just feel BLAH. I want to get out of this mood too! So if anyone has any brilliant ideas then please let me know:)
Also I am looking for a little 2ND part time job, so if anyone can think of something that I could do part time at nights and weekends that isn't fast food I would appreciate it. I just have to get some more money because I would really like to get things paid off so I can get me a car and more important get my own apartment. My parents just got home yesterday after being gone to their other house in St. George for 3 months. When they left I was very excited but nervous because I didn't know how I would like living alone......well I can officially say that I LOVED IT!!!! So I can't wait until I can get my own apartment or town home or something!!! So cross your fingers that I can do that fairly soon, I think it will be good for me and for my parents, they didn't ask for their adult child to come live with them again and I know that they want there lives back!
So hopefully I can get out of the funk I am in. Maybe I will go running after I get off of work, that has become my latest obsession, I run everyday and usually it makes me feel better!!!!
Well there is my motivation for tonight!