Thursday, April 14, 2011


   We got married on June 26th 2010 and had our honeymoon planned for October, well I got a new job and Jeremy was in school so we had to postpone it until March.  So we were scheduled to leave on March 17th, and on the 11th his Dad passed away so I was trying to think how I could reschedule it again, when I asked Jeremy about postponing it again he said that we were still going and that his Dad wouldn't want us to sit home and cry he would want us to go and have fun!  I thought about it a lot because I was feeling really guilty about going but then decided that everyone was right, Bob would have wanted us to go so we did and it was the best thing we could have done.  Jeremy and me were able to get our minds off of things and was able to just have a really wonderful time.  The weather was beyond perfect it was bright blue sunny skies and 86 degrees the entire time we were there. 

   We did have a few things happen that were terrible at the time but I just kept telling Jeremy that one day we would laugh about it and be able to have all the memories and tell stories!

  We were given buddy passes by Jeremy's aunt for Southwest, we were thinking how great that would be because it was free airfare who wouldn't be excited!  WELL we didn't realize it was spring break so we got to the airport at 5am and tried to get on a flight, we were able to get out of SLC right away and flew to Las Vegas, we were thinking that we were going to be lucky and not have any problems.....boy we were wrong.  We sat in the airport and tried to get on a flight all day, we would be on the list and have the seats and right before the plane would take off we would be told that an employee and their family needed the seats so we would lose our seats.  We did this for hours and got tired of waiting so we went and bought tickets on United.  I about had a heart attack because 1 way to Orlando was over $1,100.00 but we had the money saved so we did it!  The first 2 nights we were there we had to stay in a crappy hotel because we got there 2 days early and couldn't check into our resort or get a car.  We got to the hotel really late and went to sleep, we slept til 2 in the afternoon the next day.  It was so nice outside so we walked a couple of miles down to a Walgreen's to get some supplies and that night we went to Medieval Times.  I had been to a show before but Jeremy had never been and we needed to waste time so it turned out to be a really fun night! 

The next day was Friday so we got up and took a taxi back to the airport so we could get our rental car.  We had more issues trying to get the car and ended up having to pay an extra $300.00 for the car, but by that point we just wanted to get to the resort so we got the car and got out of there.  We drove to Kissimee to our resort, we were staying 1 mile outside of the Disney properties so it was so nice!  My parents have timeshares through the Marriott and they gave us a week to use for the Honeymoon, we stayed at a Westgate resort.  This place was HUGE!  It had 18 swimming pools, playgrounds, volleyball, a towne square with a movie theater, bars, restaurants, and tons more!  We were so happy to just check in and actually get to start our trip.  We went up and looked at our room, unpacked and then did what everyone does when they go on vacation.......went to Target :)  We had to go get some groceries.  That night we just hung out around the pool and watched some movies.

Saturday was the first day that we got to go to the parks, I had bought 5 day hopper passes so we could go to all the parks.  We went to the Magic Kingdom and rode every ride we wanted to.  It was really nice just to have 2 of us because we went were we wanted and got through the park really fast.   We also went over to Epcot for a little bit that day but didn't spend much time there I think we just went on a couple of rides and by that time it was midnight so we went back to the hotel.

Sunday we went to Hollywood Studios.  They have the Tower of Terror and Aerosmith ride there and I wanted Jeremy to get to ride both!  Hollywood Studios is fun because on top of the rides you can go and watch different shows.  They have a stunt car show, Indiana Jones, American Idol, and just a bunch of other attractions it is like being on a back lot at a movie studio.

Monday we went to Animal Kingdom.  Jeremy LOVED this park.  He loves animals so we went on a safari, saw a bird show, went on a really fun dinosaur ride, they also have a river run ride that you get soaked and a really fun roller coaster called Everest.  Animal Kingdom isn't one of the huge parks and doesn't stay open too late so you can get through it in 5 or 6 hours.  We did everything we wanted and it was only like 5pm so we went out to eat and then went back to the hotel and went down to the pool.

Tuesday we were so tired from 3 days in a row at the parks so we just stayed back at the hotel and went and hung out at the pool all day, I got fried of course but it was so worth it.  We were just really lazy that day and got our rest!  It was a nice relaxing day I loved it!

Wednesday we went to Epcot.  Epcot it huge, you walk and walk and walk.  Your feet feel like they will fall off by the time you are done with Epcot.  It was the festival of the flowers while we were there so there were beautiful flowers everywhere and on top of that there were all of the Disney characters made from bushes and flowers.  It was gorgeous!  I took a lot of pictures for my Mom, she loves Disney Land and flowers.  She says that Heaven should be like Disneyland!   We went on all of the rides at Epcot and then went and walked around to all of the countries they have, it is a half circle around the park with different countries from around the world.  Each country looks like it would if you were in England, or Italy or Japan etc. and they have food and shows and different things about each country.  I have been to Epcot 3 times before but never walked around the countries.  I am so glad we did this time!  We really enjoyed seeing the different cultures and having the food and drinks from each place.  That night we stayed late at watched the fireworks over the lake at Epcot!  I love fireworks so it was fun to watch them with Jeremy :)

Thursday we went back to all of the parks to ride some of the rides again and went and walked around Downtown Disney.  It was a really busy fun filled day and a great way to end our honeymoon.  We got back and got packed and cleaned the condo and prepared to go home :(

We got up at 3:30 Friday morning so we could get to the airport to get on the standby list again.  Well there was a flight every half hour to hour and we were always the first on the list but would end up getting bumped because employees and their families would need seats so AGAIN we ended up having to buy tickets to get home that were almost $1000.00 by this time I was just sick with how much extra money we had had to spend.  I was just grateful that we had all the money in savings and were able to pay for it and not have to charge it.  And like I said one day I will laugh about it and not cry that my savings was depleted!!

It was the perfect honeymoon and I didn't want it to end because we had to come back to real life and deal with everything with his Dad's affairs but unfortunately we live in real life :) 

I just want Jeremy to know how proud I am of him for how he has handled everything lately.  There has been a lot put on his shoulders and he has dealt with it better than I could or would!  I love my husband more and more everyday, he makes me a better person and I really can't imagine my life with out him.

Sorry that this post was so long but I wanted to get it all written out so we would remember!  I will post a bunch of pictures as well!!!

Robert B. Colter

Robert Blaine (Bob) Colter
        Born October 23, 1951 to Duane and Lou Colter. Passed away on March 11, 2011. He lived life his way!
        OGDEN – Bob served in the USAF and traveled throughout the world. He worked and retired after 31 years of service on the C130 flight line as an aircraft electrician.
        Bob is survived by: mother, Lou Colter (Dean); fiancĂ©e, Carleen Young; son, Jeremy (Kristin) Colter; sister, Linda (Brent) Hamilton, niece, Morgan Sheppard and her children Kayden and MaKenna; aunt, uncles and cousins.
       He was preceded in death by his father Duane Colter, Grandma Colter and Grandma and Grandpa Moore.
      Bob was loved and will be greatly missed. Dad, I hope you have found a great fishing hole up there.
At Bob’s request, there will be no services.
Arrangements entrusted to Lindquist’s Layton Mortuary, 1867 N. Fairfield Rd.

I just wanted to post about Jeremy's Dad.  Bob passed away on March 11th at the age of 59.  It has been a really hard time for Jeremy to lose his Dad so suddenly and to have him be so young.  I won't go into the details but we were not prepared for him to die and neither was Bob, Jeremy is an only child and so he had to make all of the decisions for his Dad, he had to have him rushed to the ER, life flighted to U of U and then had to make the decision to stop measures to save his Dad's life, needless to say it was not easy for Jeremy. 
Bob did not have any of his affairs in order (who does at that age, you don't want to think about death when you are still relatively young) so we have had to figure out EVERYTHING.  From cremation, to life insurance and paying bills and proving that Jeremy is the sole beneficiary.  It is not an easy thing, so the only advice is to make sure your parents have a trust or a will and let you know what they want to happen when they pass away.

Jeremy's Dad was a different guy he kept to himself and lived how he wanted but he was a great person!  Jeremy and Bob had a different relationship, they didn't have to talk on the phone or see each other every day or week to know that they loved each other.  Bob loved Jeremy with all of his heart, his aunt Linda has told me how much Jeremy meant to Bob and I hope that Jer knows that.  When Jeremy was in Iraq I guess his Dad would only sleep a few hours a night because he wanted to be watching CNN to make sure that nothing had happened to his son.  Bob had a great personality and I am going to miss him, the thing that makes me the most sad is that our kids will never know their Grandpa Colter but we will do our best to keep him alive through stories.

I hope that Bob is up in Heaven having a great time fishing and has found a slot machine that pays out :) 
We love you Dad
Jeremy and Kristin