Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our First Chrristmas Tree

This was our first year of decorating a tree together!  I was so excited to do this and Jeremy was kinda not so excited.  I think it is because he has never had a tree himself before, I know crazy considering he has lived on his own since he was 19 but he was of course a bachelor!  So I had the tree and a ton of decorations but I wanted it to be our tree and our decorations so we went shopping at Tai Pan and scored big time.  This was the first year that I decided to do a theme on my tree and not just do a cheesy throw together tree.  So we got red and silver everything, and threw in a splash of green in there a little for some color!  I absolutely love how it turned out.  These are not the best pictures because they are off my camera phone, I am hoping I get a camera for Christmas (HINT HINT).  I had the best time doing this because I had my amazing husband who actually helped me set up the tree and decorate the house and Donna my mother-in-law came over and helped as well so it made it a fun experience!  I love this time of year and I am just so thankful that this year I have someone who I love so much to share it with.  I think back to this time last year and it was not a pretty picture I ruined my families Christmas because I was in such a selfish place in my life and I made everyone around me as miserable as I was!  So I know they are grateful to Jeremy because he has brought me back to life and made me ME again!!! I love you so much babe and can't wait for many more holidays to come!

This is part of my Grandma McCleary's Christmas Village that she always had at her house so I love that I get to put some of it up at my house!!Just another view of the village.                           

I love that we have a mantle that I can decorate and hang our stockings from!  When we were at the store Jeremy said he wanted us to get our own stockings so they could be ours and not the ones I used before, so of course he had to find a red one!!!

These are my Grandma McCleary's nutcracker, well a very small selection of them!  I have always loved nutcrackers so I have started to collect them too!  Yesterday I came home and Jeremy had been to the store and bought me a silver nutcracker because he said that I had an odd number and that it matched one of the other ones, I just love how he is always thinking of me and doing things to make me smile everyday!  I really do not deserve him, but I am not giving him away that is for sure!

These are a couple of this big nutcrackers that I have started to buy!  They are about 2 feet tall and I love them, I can't wait to have more and one day pass them down to my kids!

The Santa sings and moves and Jeremy's dog Drizzt goes crazy, he is so scared of it!  It makes me laugh because he is such a mean, tough dog that is scared of a stuffed Santa!

This is a little bit better picture of the tree, I took it in the daytime.  I seriously love my tree this year!

another view sorry I need to rotate the picture.

Just our bookshelf, I wish you could see all the little nick nacs on the shelves.

Well I hope that everyone has a great time decorating and I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and tell you how much I love and appreciate you all!!!!