Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Our First Chrristmas Tree

This was our first year of decorating a tree together!  I was so excited to do this and Jeremy was kinda not so excited.  I think it is because he has never had a tree himself before, I know crazy considering he has lived on his own since he was 19 but he was of course a bachelor!  So I had the tree and a ton of decorations but I wanted it to be our tree and our decorations so we went shopping at Tai Pan and scored big time.  This was the first year that I decided to do a theme on my tree and not just do a cheesy throw together tree.  So we got red and silver everything, and threw in a splash of green in there a little for some color!  I absolutely love how it turned out.  These are not the best pictures because they are off my camera phone, I am hoping I get a camera for Christmas (HINT HINT).  I had the best time doing this because I had my amazing husband who actually helped me set up the tree and decorate the house and Donna my mother-in-law came over and helped as well so it made it a fun experience!  I love this time of year and I am just so thankful that this year I have someone who I love so much to share it with.  I think back to this time last year and it was not a pretty picture I ruined my families Christmas because I was in such a selfish place in my life and I made everyone around me as miserable as I was!  So I know they are grateful to Jeremy because he has brought me back to life and made me ME again!!! I love you so much babe and can't wait for many more holidays to come!

This is part of my Grandma McCleary's Christmas Village that she always had at her house so I love that I get to put some of it up at my house!!Just another view of the village.                           

I love that we have a mantle that I can decorate and hang our stockings from!  When we were at the store Jeremy said he wanted us to get our own stockings so they could be ours and not the ones I used before, so of course he had to find a red one!!!

These are my Grandma McCleary's nutcracker, well a very small selection of them!  I have always loved nutcrackers so I have started to collect them too!  Yesterday I came home and Jeremy had been to the store and bought me a silver nutcracker because he said that I had an odd number and that it matched one of the other ones, I just love how he is always thinking of me and doing things to make me smile everyday!  I really do not deserve him, but I am not giving him away that is for sure!

These are a couple of this big nutcrackers that I have started to buy!  They are about 2 feet tall and I love them, I can't wait to have more and one day pass them down to my kids!

The Santa sings and moves and Jeremy's dog Drizzt goes crazy, he is so scared of it!  It makes me laugh because he is such a mean, tough dog that is scared of a stuffed Santa!

This is a little bit better picture of the tree, I took it in the daytime.  I seriously love my tree this year!

another view sorry I need to rotate the picture.

Just our bookshelf, I wish you could see all the little nick nacs on the shelves.

Well I hope that everyone has a great time decorating and I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and tell you how much I love and appreciate you all!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jazz Game

We went to the Squatters bar in the Energy Solutions Arena before the game, good food and good drinks great way to start the night.
Just during a time out.

Oh my how I love you D. Will! Deron Williams is my favorite player!!!

New Jersey Nets

9Th row :)

I work for an awesome company and my boss Sandi gave me tickets to the Jazz game the other night. So on the 17Th Jer and me went to the Jazz vs. Nets game. We were on the lower bowl 9Th row right behind the basket, it was so awesome. Jeremy hasn't been to a Jazz game since he was like 10 or something and when he went he was way high in the nosebleed section I guess. So it was really fun to get to take him and have great seats. My Mom was a little upset (not really) that I didn't take her because Jeremy isn't a Jazz fan like she is. So next time I get the tickets I will have to take my Mom, sorry babe! Here are just a few pics from the other night.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Murder Mystery Party

Ok this will be my last post for the day, I am just trying to get a little caught up. On Friday October 29th one of my best friend and her husband KaraBeth and Steve Santillan had a murder mystery dinner party. It was really fun!! The theme was celebrity and the characters we were assigned were Dom Bruise(Tom Cruise) and Shady Nolmes Bruise(Katy Holmes Cruise). Jeremy dressed like Tom Cruise from Top Gun and I just did the best I could for a red carpet Katy.

We went to the house and she had a casino theme, so she had an actual slot machine we all got to play, did appetizers and there were 3 rounds to the game so you got different envelopes that told you what you had to do that round, what to talk about and how to figure out who was the murderer. We had dinner, played games and Nad Hitt (Brad Pitt) played by Steve got murdered!!!

All in all it was a great evening and something that we would like to do again, maybe this time we will host!!!

Best Birthday Present Ever

This is me and Karl after we landed! Isn't my hair awesome!
Getting ready to land

Right after the chute deployed!

Free fall, the best part!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting on the plane

Me and Jeremy before we got on the plane!

Well if you know me at all you know one of the things I have ALWAYS wanted to do was to jump out of an airplane. I have never found anyone that was serious about going with me so I just figured it would be one of the things that you always wish you could have done but never did. Well when I met Jeremy and he told me that he used to be a Paratrooper and also did skydiving with the 82 Airborne division in North Carolina I told him how jealous I was and that I wanted to go so bad. He told me that he would take me on my 30th Birthday.
So Jeremy had been teasing me for a month saying that he had a surprise for my birthday present and wouldn't tell me what it was, I asked if we were going skydiving and he said "No, I told you I was doing that for your 30th Bday" so I just figured I would have to wait another year before I got to do it. Well my Birthday was on a Friday and after I got home from work he told me that he couldn't keep it a secret anymore and that we were going skydiving the next day, needless to say I was soooooo excited!!! We woke up the next morning and of course this is October so it was crappy rainy weather! We were both really disappointed but I knew we would get to go sometime, so we rescheduled for the next Saturday. The entire day I kept looking outside and asking if he thought it was clearing up enough, it wasn't and Jeremy told me I was like a kid that had candy in front of them but couldn't reach it! It was so true, I wanted to go so bad but the weather just wasn't cooperating.
Fast forward to the next week and the weather turned out to be good enough so we went out to Tooele to Skydive Utah and got to go! Jeremy kept asking me if I was nervous and I really wasn't I was so excited that I didn't have time to be nervous! We got a video done and a picture package so I can always remember my first jump!
The plane ride up was quick and stinky, the jet fuel is awful! Karl the guy I was jumping with was teasing me the entire time saying that this was his first tandem jump and just trying to freak me out! The plane doors opened at 13,800 feet and I watched 8 people go ahead of me and then it was my turn. We got to the edge I took a DEEP breath (it looks like I was scared on the video but really I just couldn't breath) Karl counted and we were out of the plane! The free fall feeling was amazing, we did a bunch of turns and after a minute or so he released the parachute and let me take control! The feeling of falling after the chute goes off is so peaceful I loved it. Before I knew it it was time to land, I was worried I would tank like a lot of people but I put my feet up and just let Karl do his job and we were done!
I can say that it was so worth the 29 year wait and I am going to do it again! I can't wait until I have enough jumps that I can go out by myself!!
I just want to tell my husband thank you! You are the best ever, and I am thankful that you went with me ( I know you did it just cause you love to do it too) but I know you loved that you got to see me do my first jump! You are amazing and surprise me everyday by how much you love me and all the ways you show me your love for me! I can't wait to have many more adventures together in our life! I love you Jeremy more than you know.


It was my birthday last week and we went to Black Island Farms with my family that night. It was a blast, we did the corn maze, went down the slides, the funniest part was seeing Melissa climb up the hay ladder:) She has a really bad back so it wasn't the easiest thing for her but she did it! The boys and Emma had a blast! Me and Melissa did this ride that you get strapped in and turned upside down and around and around, it was so much fun! I absolutely love going on any type of rides! After the farm we went to El Burrito for dinner and I got to be embarrassed because they put this HUGE sombrero on you and sing to you, my husband thought it was hilarious!!!

I got seriously spoiled, I got a ton of clothes and Bath and Body works stuff from my Mom and Dad. Melissa and Scott and the kids gave me pictures that they had done of the kids while up in Oregon and a really cute black shirt that has bling on it!

My best present was from my amazing hubby! I will do a separate post all about that next~

I have the best family and am so grateful that they have stuck by me through all my life and all the hell I put them through! I love them all so much!!!