Thursday, October 2, 2008

Update on Life

Well since I haven't updated this for a while I will give you some of the new facts.
I love my job up on base, doesn't pay the best but it gets me out of the house.
Our house I think is fianlly going to be done and sold soon YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the divorce papers in my hot little hands so that the moment we get the house signed we can sign the divorce papers and get that over as well.
Korey has moved on very quickly he is actually dating a girl up in Ogden, at first it was very hard on me I was sad, mad, hurt I felt betrayed but mostly I just feel like I have wasted the last 9 years of my life on someone who obviously didn't love me as much as I did him.
I just want the divorce to be final so that I can feel like I can move on, I mean I know that I can go out and date and things but I know that there are a lot of men that find out you are technically still married and wont touch you with a 10 foot pole. I am not out there wanting to get into a relationship already but I guess it would be nice to go out on a date and have someone be nie to me and treat me nice! Is that asking too much?

I went with my sister down to St. George last weekend to see my parents and go to Tuachan to see Les Mis, it was fabulous. I got some really cute pictures that as soon as I can get my sisters camera from her I will post!

Anyways if you have any suggestions of how I can get back on the horse so to say I am all ears! Or if you just want to talk I am always available:)
Love everyone